Damage Prevention

HDPE Plates for damage prevention pipe and cables underground

Our Services

Underground asset protection specialists

HDPE Plate Installation

Installation of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plates for mechanical protection of underground pipes and cables. Design and engineering of protection systems tailored to the specific needs of the client


Inspection and Maintenance

damage geo-referencing, inspection and maintenance. Regular inspection of installed HDPE plates to ensure their integrity and functionality

Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Repair and replacement of damaged or worn HDPE plates to maintain the integrity of underground protection. Modernization of existing protection systems to comply with updated regulations and standards

Consulting and Technical Advice

Risk assessment and recommendations for effective underground asset protection. Technical advice on the selection of materials and protection methods best suited for each application

About Our Company

At Plate-Guard, we are leaders in the manufacture and supply of high-strength HDPE plates, specifically designed for the protection of subway assets in the oil and gas industries. With expertise in damage prevention, we offer advanced solutions that ensure the integrity and safety of critical infrastructure.

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